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Are you a student? Do you have an idea or a personal story that you want to share about your college or university experience? A topic you think would interest university and college students across Africa? Do you love to write and provide your unique insight on issues relating to ‘studenting’?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you’re the one we’re looking for.

AlphaStudentNG is offering you the platform and opportunity to let your unique voice be heard. We’re on the lookout for contributors to write for We’re excited to work with you to help you grow as a writer and to publish great content. You will also be building for yourself an admirable portfolio on the internet.

All we ask is that you let your creative juices flow. Be original. Do not lift other people’s work from the internet. WE WILL FIND OUT! In fact, we prefer stories or articles from your personal experiences studying in Africa. Make sure your story has a lesson or two to impact the reader.

We’re passionate about producing relevant, interesting, challenging and life changing content that gives students across Africa an opportunity to grow and excel in their academic pursuit and ultimately lead better and productive lives after ‘studenting’.

To submit a story/article;

1. Look at our blog and decide which category to write for. If it is a personal story and you don’t know which category will be the right fit, still send it in, we’ll help you out.

2. Send us an email at using the format below;

  • SUBJECT : GUEST POST — “Category”
  • Post Topic: “Topic of your guest post”
  • Brief Description of Post: Not more than 150 words
  • Author Name: “Your Name”
  • Author Bio: “Just a little something about yourself. Not more than 100 words.

3. Attach a Word(.doc or .docx) copy of your post and we will review (and edit it) if necessary.

4. Wait patiently to see your post published on our blog. This process can take up to two weeks sometimes depending on the volume of submissions we are reviewing.

5. When you see your post on our blog, share it with your network; friends, family, colleagues. Make some noise about it!

What are you waiting for? Click here now to send us your article.