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Mistakes Students Make (and How to Correct Them)

7 RUINOUS Mistakes Students Make (And How to Avoid Them)

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When you’re young, the whole world is your oyster. But sometimes, you make mistakes either by the things you do or the things you fail to do. For students, these mistakes are evident because they sometimes translate to poor academic performances and can be precursors for disastrous careers and life after education.

The mistakes I talk about are subtle, but they are also real. Pointing a light on them, I hope, can help you make speedy adjustments. But not just that, I also hope the advise that follow, challenges you to become a better student and that they improve your life in a tremendous manner.

What mistakes am I talking about? Let’s explore them below:

1. Procrastination (Putting things Off For Later)

Students always think they have plenty of time to work on approaching deadlines. But, as you might have learnt already, time flies by. It is one month until your final exams. The next thing you know, you’ve got just one week left. Time is precious and the earlier you start studying, the better your chances of understanding and the better the quality of work you can produce in your exams.

One of the ways to curb procrastination is to become better at managing your time. Get your hands on resources for better time management!

2. Lack of Planning

It is the hallmark of young people to be spontaneous. Living in the moment and not planning. Students like to attend to problems and deadlines as they come at them. My advise for you instead, is to grab yourself a pen and paper and create a daily schedule for yourself.

Your week, month or semester begins with one day. Organize your day and time and plan ahead to give yourself some structure to your semester. Start planning for your exams at the beginning of the semester. Plan your reading schedule before you come back for the semester. Being able to plan, is an attribute that will serve you well both in your career and life ultimately.

3. Not Trying New Things

Getting stuck in your room all day, sticking with the same old friends and same old routine? Big mistakes! I see students make the mistake of getting stuck on old ways. University days are the perfect time to be naive and try new things.

Young people are known to be inquisitive. Explorers. It’s expected you aren’t perfect, and you make mistakes. Why not jump in with two feet and try something new with your life and every project?

4. Not Learning Outside Your University Courses

You will agree with me that everyone learns the same thing at the university (that is if you’re offering the same course). It’s what you learn in your own spare time that gives you the edge over others.

Watch YouTube videos, watch documentaries, start a blog to document your university journey and improve your writing, complete online courses, listen to podcasts and gain some skills that make you valuable in the industry you hope to graduate into. The point? Don’t limit your learning to only the courses taught by your lecturers.

5. Not Setting Your Own Deadlines

The university can be overwhelming. Every assignment comes with its own submission deadline. That’s a given. It gets even more paralyzing when you look at your assignments as one big submission.

Instead, break your submissions down into smaller tasks and create for yourself, individual deadlines for each smaller task. Breaking your tasks down into smaller chunks and setting deadlines to finish them is an amazing productivity hack.

6. Messiness (Being Disorganized)

Messy files, cluttered room, messy actions lead to messy results. If your files are messy, your desktop is messy, your room is messy, your thoughts are going to be messy.

It’s extremely hard to focus when you have distractions around you, and an untidy workspace causes mental clutter that makes it that much more difficult. Keep your room tidy, keep your files tidy, keep your mind tidy.

7. No Clear Vision of The Future

You need a defined vision of the future to have something to aim for.

If you’re trying to hit a bullseye on a dart board. It’s already a difficult task, as it requires focus, accuracy and precision. Now imagine trying to do it blindfolded. There’s no way you’re going to consistently hit the bullseye! Even if you do, you wouldn’t have any way of knowing you’ve hit it.

Your goals of being successful for the future are no different. If you haven’t clearly defined your goals and where you see yourself in five, ten or twenty years, it’s no different than aiming at a dart board with your eyes blindfolded.

Take some time to plan out your future and use your creative mind to envision what that looks like to you. You’ll have a clear vision of what you’re aiming for and you’ll be able to consistently work towards it, one small adjustment at a time.

There you have it. Be kind enough to share this post if you found it valuable. I’d love to read your thoughts.

Just drop me a line to tell me what you think.
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