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Inspiration to Live Your Magic

BOOKS: Inspiration to Live Your Magic

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75 Inspiring Biographies

Book Cover - Inspiration to Live Your MAgic

Inspiration to Live Your Magic is a compendium of masterfully written capsule biographies intended to inspire.

Author Larry Anderson tells the stories of 75 people who achieved greatness, largely in the face of adversity. He profiles a significant number of well-known personalities (including Paulo Coelho, Nelson Mandela and Mattie Stepanek) but focuses on their resilience rather than their fame, and the tales often offer surprising twists.

The book also covers lesser-known names, and the most poignant are the biographies of remarkable youths. Ryan Hreljac, for instance, was just 7 years old when he heard that people were dying in underdeveloped countries due to a lack of clean water. This inspired him to do chores, earn money and eventually save up $70 – enough to fund a new well in a Ugandan village. Eleven years later, Ryan’s Well Foundation has raised millions.

Each story in this collection carries a spark of inspiration.

The author apparently scoured the world for these profiles. Even though many of the biographies are of the author’s countrymen, this doesn’t detract from the collection’s value. The brevity of these illustrated biographies, and the simple elegance of the prose, will particularly appeal to you if you’re a student or an adult in need of spiritual renewal.

It’s an upbeat, inspiring celebration of mankind’s ability to challenge the odds.

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