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6 Reasons Students Should Always Show up For Class

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Every student I’ve ever met, have reasons they shouldn’t show up for a particular class. They justify it in several ways; either the lecturer is unintelligent (and they feel they know more than him) or the class is always boring (and so they say its a waste of their time – because they’d end up sleeping in class anyway).

Some say they just want to catch up on sleep or catch up on the reading for a particular class. Or maybe they didn’t do the homework for their next class, so they need to do that now. Whatever the reason is, how bad can missing classes really be? Do these reasons really outweigh the importance of attending classes? Well, you be the judge of that..

Cuts Out Extra Stress

Not attending classes leaves you with extra work to do in order to catch up with whatever you’ve missed. So it follows that the more you go to class, the less extra work you have to do. A lot of lecturers do not include class activities during their lectures – which mislead most students into thinking they do not have to attend class.

Because all of the work is “outside” work, you miss a day of valuable information you need to use for that assignment. When you miss class you have to track down someone who will let you copy their notes and then complete the assignment. Just showing up to class cuts out an extra, unneeded stress.

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Skipping Becomes A Hard Habit To Break.

This is to me, the biggest reason you should attend classes. Skipping your class can be the most addictive thing in the world. Once you have successfully convinced yourself that you do not need to go to a particular class you’ll end up skipping 2 or more days in a row. Also, when you skip once it becomes easier and easier to skip again in the future. You will gradually lose your discipline and ability to stop.

There’s An Attendance Policy

Almost every university has an attendance policy. To be eligible to write an exam or pass a course, you have to make a certain percentage of attendance for that course. If your school does not have a policy like that, I bet your lecturer does, personally. Just because attendance isn’t being taken doesn’t mean the lecturer isn’t cataloging it himself.

Some lecturers can take mental note of missing students in their class, especially if you always sit in a particular location during class. Some will even tell you on the first day of class, how important they treat your attendance to class, and repeat it almost every week during class. If there’s ever a reason to show up in class, maybe you should consider this one.

You Are Wasting Money

Your parents send you to school. They probably don’t have so much money, but they pay your tuition anyway. They pay for your accommodation, and leave you with ‘pocket money’. What gets me sometimes is that with the huge financial commitment parents make, students don’t stop sometimes to think that for every day they don’t attend class, they just wasted part of the money.

As a student, what you need to remember is that when your parents paid your tuition, they paid for your classes. Each class has an individual cost and when you don’t show up for any one, you are wasting your parents money and your time in the university.

You Miss Out On Important Information.

At the beginning of the semester, lecturers will usually pass out syllabus for their course. Sometimes, all the important dates and assignments pertaining to that course are also given out.

Stuff happens! All syllabi are subject to change! What if an assignment date gets extended and you had an extra week to finish it up? You may bust your butt to finish an assignment on time, when in reality you have a whole extra week to finish it. Not a good stress! You could have avoided it by simply going to class!

You Make A Bad Impression

Take it from me, lecturers take note of the students who put forth the most effort in class. In the university, developing good relationships with your lecturers can sometimes mean receiving good grades and good recommendations, especially if you are planning on continuing your education. You may want to think twice about who you really need to impress.

Thinking about missing tomorrow’s class? You might want to have a rethink! Now you can judge yourself if it’s really worth it.

Did I Miss Something?

Do you know of any other reasons students miss classes? What other reasons have propelled you to always attend your classes? Please tell me in the comments below.

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