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This blog is dedicated to helping you succeed beyond the classroom, by building a remarkable university career, which hopefully will lead you into an amazing life after your education.

This is not your typical student blog. No. I’m more interested in your success than you know.

This blog is all about winning at university and life.

Here at AlphaStudentNG, you’ll find in-depth, insanely useful articles covering the things you truly need to know in order to be a highly successful student.

Talking about success, I prepared a little book to help you identify and hone workplace skills you need for a successful career after school. Click the image below to get it.

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Your Life After School

Most graduates don’t know what they want to do, even after their university education – and those that do often don’t know how to communicate their skills to recruiters and find the jobs that matter to them.

You’ll learn to fix both of these issues by building a personal brand. Don’t know what that is? No worries – you’ll learn enough here…

Building a personal brand means finding your “magic spot” – the place where your skills and your passions intersect, and what you can do to help others. It also means effectively communicating that magic spot to other people – recruiters, connections, etc. By doing this, you open yourself up to a lot more opportunities.

You’ll also learn all the nuts and bolts of building your brand right here – finding your magic spot, establishing an effective online presence, how to network and build connections the fun way, and more.

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