Skills You Need to Make You Employable in the 21st Century

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Rapid technological advancement and increasingly diverse and interconnected populations are posing new and demanding challenges for the the 21st Century workforce. Considering that you are soon going to join the 21st Century workforce, are you prepared to meet these challenges?

At the heat of the lockdown occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic, governments and NGOs stepped in with palliatives to ameliorate the effect of the pandemic on citizens. What followed was a flurry of websites and web forms purporting to be from the government. These forms and webpages harnessed sensitive personal information from a lot of people – most of whom were students!

It was saddening that students whom we expect to have known these things, were also deceived. Many of them even helped to share those forms on social media.

If you fell victim to the pranks I described above, you are a media illiterate! At the risk of sounding harsh and unforgiving, how dare you fall for such pranks in this age of information?

In the 21st Century, the whole world – educators, governments, researchers and employers – have agreed that if you’re going to be relevant in the market place, there are skills that you need to do that. Developing these skills and competencies will give you an edge and can be a springboard for a successful career in the 21st Century. And when’s the best time to learn these skills? Now!

Let me explore a few of the 21st Century skills.

Media Literacy

Why am I starting with media literacy? It makes me sad that a lot of students actually fell for a cheap prank. Media literacy is the skill of being able to identify genuine publishing outlets and sources of information. Put differently, it is the 21st Century skill that enables students distinguish the wheat from the chaff.

In a world saturated with misinformation, being able to find truth in a haystack of misinformation has now become a skill. If you must survive in this age, you must acquire this skill. You will be at the mercy of seemingly “smart” fraudsters if you fail to hone your media skills. Consider this a warning!


Communication is one of the glues that bring every other 21st Century skill together. Being able to convey your ideas intelligently can set you up for success in your career.

Miscommunication has led to failed projects and caused organisations to become unprofitable. This is due to the fact that the objectives of the company or project has either not been communicated or has been communicated poorly.

Whether it is written or verbal, communication takes several forms. You will lack a pivotal skill to progress in your career if you lack understanding of proper communication.

Good communication has the potential to eliminate confusion in a workplace, and can make you a valuable part of a team, department and the organisation as a whole. If there’s ever a time to learn how to communicate effectively, it is now. Read books to improve your vocabulary. Learn proper spellings and pronunciation. Practice report writing. As difficult as it is to admit, a lot of students do not know how to spell simple words.

To learn more about the 12 skills you need to have to become more attractive to employers after your education, click the image below to download my new ebook – 21st Century Skills Every Student Need For Career Success.

To your success!

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