COVID-19: 4 Lessons Every Student Should Learn

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The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has brought death with it. It also brought lessons for every one, especially students.

The world is going through unprecedented times – economic activities grinding to a halt, military forces called back to bases, hospitals inundated with sick people, shopping malls, restaurants, movie rooms and streets deserted, many governments enforcing stay-at-home orders, media houses reporting death tolls on a daily basis (more than half a million deaths globally as at the time of writing) all because of one common enemy; the novel coronavirus christened COVID-19 by the World Health Organisation.

The disruptions to economic activities caused by the coronavirus is on a global scale, and as is usually the case with disasters when they occur – there are those who lose and those who win. The Igbo folks put it succinctly when they say “ala adighi mma, bu uru ndi nze.” Case in point is the astronomical increase in the prices of hand sanitizers due to high demand for alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Private sector organisations and governments are setting up relief funds to help with essential health and medical equipment supplies. These measures also will benefit manufacturers of these health equipment financially more than anyone else

But while the world grapples with the effect of the novel coronavirus, even more far-reaching are the lessons thrown up by the COVID-19, and which I think every student should learn from. Let’s explore these lessons together;

LESSON #1 – No One’s Safe (Until We’re All Safe)

Do you remember the first time you heard about the coronavirus? Let me remind you. You were sitting in front of your television calling it a ‘Chinese virus’. You sat in your room and discussed it, and you said, “this China people eh🙄?” It was only just weeks ago. Yes, the spread began in Wuhan, China, and you felt safe because after all, your country is very far from China – or so you thought. Now the virus is in your ‘domot’ and all of a sudden there’s panic in the air. Everyone’s afraid because that ‘Chinese virus’ has come home.

If anything, you should learn that because the people in China were not safe from the virus, neither were you. And next time, instead of accusing the Chinese people of eating rats and frogs and bringing coronavirus upon us all, you should be praying for them. Maybe e for no reach your ‘domot’ by now.

LESSON #2 – We’re All Connected (In More Ways Than One)

The spread of COVID-19 began in China. Today, 199 Countries and Territories around the world has a reported case of the novel coronavirus. About 532,909 confirmed cases and 24,093 deaths reported (live) as at the time of writing.

For a virus that first surfaced in Wuhan, China? How did it get to these numbers? How did we get here? Connection! The human race is interconnected in more ways than one, and what is happening to one abroad, could happen to another at home. From the millions of passengers that traverse the globe on cruise ships, airplanes, trains, buses, to the hundreds who sit in your village town hall meetings, or even the tens who live in your immediate household; a hand shake, a hug, a sneeze, a cough is all that is needed to connect you to the virus!

LESSON #3 – Buy An Online Piece of Real Estate

Consider this. As I write this article, most brick and mortar shops are on lockdown (at least until further notice). Most institutions have moved their operations to remote work locations (due to social distancing) and most people are already working from home. For businesses that utilize the massive power of the Internet, the stay-at-home order by various governments have served to increase sales and boost income.

In the US and UK, there’s a reported increase in the amount of ebooks bought from online vendors like Amazon. Reason? Everyone’s home and need something to keep busy before boredom drives them crazy.

And that’s just one example. Online businesses like creating e-commerce stores, blogging, creating YouTube content, digital marketing, SEO, building mobile apps/games, freelance writing, affiliate marketing are just a few businesses you can do even while in self-quarantine.

Start thinking about a business you can do or a skill you can learn that makes the Internet work for you. That’s my point exactly.

LESSON #4 – Opportunities Come in Disguise (Sometimes)

One thing you will have to learn is that sometimes, opportunities don’t come boldly written ‘O.P.P.O.R.T.U.N.I.T.Y’. Disruptions like the one we have seen with the novel coronavirus does not happen often. For some people, this is an opportunity to position themselves for the massive boom that will happen when economic activities get into full swing.

The stock market is down, some wise investors are mopping up cheap stocks for the market rebound (because it sure will bounce back). Schools are on break, wise students will use the time to pick up valuable skills by taking some online courses. There must have been something you planned to do, which you have not found time for due to having so much on your plate while the semester was on. Now’s time to do it.

The shift the COVID-19 pandemic has brought will be for the uplifting of many. Make sure you take your position (whatever that position is) for when the crisis is over. Because one thing’s for sure, it will not last forever.

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