AlphaStudentNG – Celebrating 1000 Likes on Facebook

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AlphaStudentNG just hit 1000 Likes on Facebook.

Simply put, it’s been incredible. What unassumingly began like a joke on 2nd March, 2020 when we first created our Facebook page, has blossomed into something big. And today, we have built a community of over 1000 students from across Nigeria and all of Africa.


AlphaStudentNG began a little over two months ago, to provide students in Africa a platform to better their ‘studenting’. We have been providing students with helpful tips and guides through our articles and blog posts. And we have been amazed by the responses we have received from you so far. We are encouraged by your support. Your support tells us that you appreciate the value we offer. Thank you. Seriously!

Today, we begin another journey to 10,000 Facebook Likes. We have a vision to be the single largest gathering of students from all of Africa, helping ourselves, and succeeding together. We count on your support to make that happen.


When you share the good stuff we send out to you with your friends, you’re already helping. When you like our articles and you share the post on your Facebook wall, you have already helped. Helping others benefit from the value we’re offering is enough help for your friends and for us too. It’s quid pro quo! When they enjoy what you’re enjoying, you’re helping us help them, and when they like us and share our posts, you’re helping them help us. You get the point?


Hmmm🤔… We actually have something better! In the spirit of the celebrations, we created a very helpful ebook for you. It’s titled “21st Century Skills Every Student Needs For Career Success“. It’ll help you to know the skills every employer demands in the 21st Century workplace and why you need to start honing those skills now. You can download the free ebook by clicking the image below👇.


We begin another journey to 10,000 Likes on Facebook. When will we get there? Well, we don’t know. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. Today? Tomorrow? How? Well, if you share our Facebook page with only 10 of your friends on Facebook we might just get there tomorrow. Or even today!!

Are we asking you to share? Absolutely! While the celebrations is still ongoing, please take the time to share our page with 10 or more friends. When you have downloaded and read our ebook, you know which of your friends need to read it too, share the ebook with them. It’ll be of tremendous help to them. And what’s more, you will feel good for helping a friend.

From the team here at AlphaStudentNG, thank you again – a thousand times, for being part of our journey so far. Let’s make 10,000 happen!

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Dienye Diri
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