4 Reasons Why Reading Every Day Will Change Your Life

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If you’re stuck inside the house like I am, reading every day is a great cure for boredom. That aside, reading is a habit that is beneficial on a lot of levels.

With movies, social media and online gaming on the rise, the habit of reading has been comfortably relegated to the back-burner. Sure, once in a while you pick up a book here or there and read a page or two. But what many students do not realize is that reading every day has the power to change their lives for ever.

Reading consistently will change your life, and these are four reasons why;

1. It Can Lower Your Stress Level

Being a student can be stressful sometimes. Reading books, especially fiction, provides a temporary escape from your dreary day. In the process of reading, we focus on whether Romeo and Juliet will finally get married, and forget about our current problems.

In this process, the body and mind gets to relax. Researchers at the University of Sussex conducted a study that revealed that reading for at least six minutes every day, may reduce your stress level by up to 68%. This is more than you can get from listening to music or taking a walk.

Find a way to include reading in your daily routine, especially before bed. It will not only help decrease your stress level, It’ll also help you relax and fall asleep – Avoiding the insomnia caused by your ever-glowing phone screen.

2. Your Brain Will Be Better For It

One of the best brain workouts you can do is reading. Just as you go to the gym or exercise to keep your body in shape, your brain needs exercise too.

An issue of Neurology, reported that people who read consistently are able to keep their minds sharper for longer. So, by reading consistently, you boost your brainpower and fight against the memory decline that comes with ageing, according to research. The earlier you start engaging in intellectually stimulating activities, such as reading daily, the more chances your brain has to slow the neurological effects of ageing.

You are also 2.5 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease according to an article published on the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), if you read daily.

3. Reading Boosts Your Vocabulary

By reading every day, your mental dictionary is expanded. According to research, five to 15% of the words we learn, is through reading. As a student, if you want to improve your vocabulary, read books everyday.

A study by University of London tested vocabulary skills of the same group of people when they were 16 and when they turned 42 and found that at the younger age, the average test score was 55 percent. Later in life, scores averaged 63 percent on the same test, indicating that humans continue to learn language skills even as adults. And the study participants who frequently read for pleasure made the highest gains on the test.

That’s another awesome reason to read books everyday.

4. Reading Can Help You Discover Your Self

George R.R. Martin put it succinctly;

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies… the man who never reads lives only once”.

It is only through reading that you can get a front-row seat into someone’s psyche, feel their struggle, their contempt, and their joy. Try as it may, a movie cannot re-create the atmosphere and experience of reading a book.

When you read a piece of fiction you get to truly know the characters; how they think, act, and their reasons for doing what they do. You experience what they experience, and more often than not, some part of you identifies with them.

By recognizing yourself in fiction, you may start to recognize your strengths and faults, watching the fates of these characters unfold, and wondering “Will mine be the same if I don’t change?” After all, there is some truth in fiction.

Non-fiction, whether it is biographical or educational, can also help you learn new things about the world and yourself.

So, if you have been looking for good reasons to crawl up with a book, here you have them.

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