3 Industries That Can Make You Rich Before You Leave School

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Wanna get rich? While ‘studenting’, sometimes we run out of cash and are so broke that our brains switch to survival mode. At that point we think about how we can get something to eat, at least for the moment. Then we think about what we can do to make sure things don’t really get this bad with us again. Then we think about getting rich.

My point is, even as students, a lot of us are already thinking of businesses or entrepreneurial journeys to make, to make us rich and ensure that we don’t just finish our education and stay home waiting for white-collar jobs that appear elusive in our country.

This post is purposed to help us in that quest. We have heard it said often that “success occurs when opportunity meets preparation”, but that doesn’t answer all our questions. So we’re left to ask other questions like, “How do you discover an opportunity?” I may not be able to give you a simple formula to discover a million dollar opportunity, but I know some questions that can help you find new opportunities. One of those questions is; Where’s the world going and how can I be there first?

As a student, this question can make you a millionaire, because if you know where the world is going, and you figure out how to get there, you can help everyone else get there and charge them for it. In other words, if you know the kind of products and services or platforms, whether they exist or not, that the world will be using a whole lot in the nearest future, you can create your own and become extremely rich doing so.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing with you the three industries I’ve personally discovered which has the potential to make you rich, even before you’re done with schooling. These industries have moved from where they used to be, so they give more opportunities for people who know where they’re going. And if you’re smart enough, you can become a millionaire by going where the world is moving to.

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Now let’s cut to the chase.

New Media Industry

No, not necessarily the kind of media you know or think I’m talking about. You see, media is where every day people consume content and here, I’m going to show you how to make millions from a new kind of media which people don’t know.

Here’s how it all started. In 1690, Benjamin Harris published what is regarded as the first newspaper in history. It was titled; “Publick Occurences Both Foreign and Domestick”. That was the beginning of mass media. From its beginning till date, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people have become rich by leveraging what Benjamin Harris started in the 17th Century. 203 years after the invention of the newspaper, something bigger hit the world, and that was the radio. By the year 1893, Guglielmo Marconi proved the feasibility of radio, and by the year 1920s radios have become the biggest media in the world. Everyone was crazy about it, but something bigger was coming, and that was the television in the year 1940. Again, smart entrepreneurs focused on the television because it’s a superior technology to the radio, and it can capture human visual and hearing attention (unlike radio which is only audio).

The TV boom was considered the biggest thing after the invention of water. Okay, nobody invented water, so I was only messing around, but you get the point; the TV was big. But there was a problem, there was a problem with all of the above three industries. You needed a lot of money to get involved. You can’t start a newspaper business until you have millions of dollars. Television and radio are crazily expensive, so they are usually businesses for the rich. However, something crazy happened in the year 1983; and that was more attention being paid to connecting computers, and by the year 1990, something called the Internet had become a toddler.

Today, according to a recent report, an average person spends more than 6 hours every day on the Internet. And that’s a big opportunity if you have an interest in building a media company. Why did I say that? Well, most times people spend online is spent consuming content, and don’t forget what I told you earlier, media is content. Everything else you were told is meaningless.

You think about it. Why do we read newspaper, listen to the radio or watch television? It’s because of content. The good thing about the Internet is that it’s free to start a media company right here and now. While you need millions of dollars to start a tv business, you don’t need any money to start a YouTube channel. While you need hundreds of thousands to start a newspaper business, you don’t need any more than 100 dollars to start a blog. While you need a lot of money to start a radio business, you don’t need more than a few dollars to start your online broadcast show. And any of these can make you millions if it is what you have passion for. I am telling you what I know.

New Education Industry

If you mentioned education in the last 30 years, everyone thinks about schools, colleges and universities, because everyone thought these institutions were solely responsible for education. Well, teaching and learning doesn’t only happen in schools.

Schools duped and still dupe most people by charging crazily high fees until things have started falling apart for them recently. First, people started realizing that the kind of education they get from school won’t necessarily make them rich or help them in life, while some forego school altogether and look for alternative ways to get education.

Let me shock you with this truth. The online education industry is projected to be worth $325 billion by 2022. Yes $325 billion dollars, and anyone who knows what he’s talking about can teach online. This is a new industry, and most people don’t know it exist. So, how do you get into the game of online education training as a student? Very simple, what do you have expertise in? What are you passionate about? What can you teach other people?

Look at the Internet and you see all sorts of people teaching different kind of things. For example, you find channels on YouTube teaching Physics, English, workouts or cooking. Even makeup. You can be there talking about medicine or accounting or law or even history, economics or stuff like that. You have no idea how much these people are making, but because I know, I can tell you it’s a whole lot and you can become wealthy by taking advantage of the new education industry by leveraging on the Internet. Check out online education sites like Coursera, Udemy, etc to find out more about how to start creating content or to create courses for them.

New Technology Industry

Today, if you mention technology, most people see the pictures of the computers, software, plugins, phones and things like that. Well, while these are all technologies, we must not forget that technological advancements have always been there. For example, it was a technological advancement as at the time our ancestors discovered how to get fire out of stones. Another technological advancement was when our forefathers figured out that we can plant our crops and stop being nomadic. My point is, technology has always been in progress. And my studies about entrepreneurship and successful entrepreneurs have shown me that the most successful entrepreneurs in the history of the world are those who take advantage of the new technologies before other people know about them.

I will conclude this post with the wise words of Mark Cuban which goes like this; ” For the past one decade, my question has always been; where is the world going and how can I get there first?” To be successful in life, you need to always ask yourself where is the world going, and how can I get there before everyone else. If you think about media, the world is going entirely on the Internet. So you might just take your space here, before everyone does. If you think about education, it’s gradually moving away from school, because people are now willing to learn all sort of things online. So if you want to start an education company, look at the industry that might be worth $325 billion. If you’re a student, and want to be an entrepreneur, you should look at artificial intelligence, and see how you can understand it more than most people, because this can make you extremely rich. Again, always ask yourself, where is the world going and how can I get there before everyone.

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